KIA for rent in Dubai

Black KIA Carnival, 2022

No deposit needed
Mileage limit: 300 km per day
Free delivery
AED 9,000
per month

Kia Carnival: An Unimpeachable Preference for Transport in Dubai

The Kia Carnival, a generously proportioned multi-purpose vehicle, accommodates a maximum of eight voyagers in absolute comfort. It positions itself as the ideal solution for kinships or consortia desiring communal transit.

Design and Comfort

Its streamlined aesthetic combined with an inviting interior are destined to arrest the gaze of passers-by. As you ingress into the Kia Carnival, you are embraced by an aura of indulgence. The passenger compartment is roomy and plush, with a surplus of space for occupants and freight, in addition to a significant allowance for both headspace and leg-stretching room. The upholstery is adorned in premium fabrics, while the command interface is intuitively designed and user-friendly.

Entertainment System

The on-board entertainment system is second to none within its class, boasting crisp visuals, an agile touchscreen interface, and an abundance of functionalities.


Speaking to its prowess on the asphalt, the Kia Carnival offers an unequivocal triumph. This motorized chariot houses a 3.3-liter V6 powerplant, churning out a formidable 247 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of propulsive twist. Even when burdened with a full complement of passengers and their belongings, the Carnival maintains its equanimity on the thoroughfare. It gracefully absorbs the undulations and imperfections of the roadway, while its steering remains accurate and communicative.

Additional Features

Moreover, the Kia Carnival is outfitted with a standard six-speed automatic gearbox. It is furnished with a gamut of amenities including climate control, electrically operated windows, and a sonic system replete with a CD player. Thus, irrespective of whether you desire to navigate through the city's arteries or embark on a lengthy journey, this vehicle possesses the dynamism and nimbleness to ferry you to your destination.


What is the procedure for procuring a Kia automobile on rent?

For all vehicles, the rental procedure remains uniform. The absolute minimum age permissible for rent an automobile stands at 21 years. Nevertheless, a handful of high-end vehicles might necessitate the lessee to have attained an age of 23 or even 25 years in specific scenarios. For residents of the UAE, it is requisite to provide a duplicate of your Emirates ID and Driving Permit. On the other hand, tourists need to furnish a duplicate of their passport, tourist visa (inclusive of entry stamp), driving permit (originating from their homeland), and also an International Driving Permit (IDP). It is crucial to understand that a majority of agencies accept solely credit cards for the security deposit, processed as a pre-authorization block, although a select few agencies also accept cash or debit cards.

What elements are encompassed within the rental expense?

The rent charge incorporates standard mileage limit and rudimentary insurance, in compliance with RTA regulations. In the event of vehicular breakdown, all automobile rent agencies offer complimentary roadside assistance. Baby or child seats can be provided, contingent upon availability, without any additional charges upon request.

Should I purchase or rent a Kia vehicle for long-term usage?

Choosing to rent a Kia automobile as opposed to purchasing one liberates you from concerns about maintenance and potential issues that might emerge with prolonged usage. When it comes to acquiring an economy car from Kia, you could contemplate buying a pre-owned car or a brand-new one, yet the depreciation factor and operational cost may surpass your anticipations. Therefore, it's certainly worthwhile to explore the prospect of rental a Kia vehicle for an extended period. Moreover, when you opt for long-term rental, you compensate for the usage, not for the entire automobile, which is consequently a more financially viable choice.

Is it permissible to navigate across various Emirates (cities within the UAE) in a rented Kia automobile?

Indeed! Car rental agencies permit their vehicles to be navigated throughout the UAE, with the exclusion of Jebel Jais, Jebel Hafeet, and desert regions. Nevertheless, it is advisable to apprise the car rental agent of your intended destination well in advance. If you're planning an excursion to Abu Dhabi or Fujairah, consider rent for a minimum of 2 days to counterbalance the additional mileage charge you will accumulate. The majority of car rentals impose a mileage limit of 250 kilometres per day. Given that the distance from Dubai to Abu Dhabi approximates to 150km, a return trip will most likely exceed 300km. To avert misunderstanding, seek guidance from the car rental agency regarding your itinerary as they might have packages tailored for different mileages. If you envisage a family road trip, the Kia Carnival could be an ideal choice, being the largest automobile in the Kia lineup, offering ample seating and storage space.